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Nightmares Lurk Inside a Furby Connect Nightmares Lurk Inside a Furby Connect

The Furby was the hottest toy of the Christmas season back in 1996. Now, there’s a new edition that updates the strange little creature with modern tech for modern kids. Nothing prepared me for what this thing would look like while it is being cut in half by a water jet.

The Olympic Torch Is Borderline Indestructible 

The Olympic torch’s one job is to stay lit no matter what. And honestly, I never gave much thought to how that was accomplished. Lots of tiki torch fluid? Very careful runners? Ghosts? Correct answer: pressurized gas and a chassis that could probably survive reentry into Earth’s atmosphere.

What Are the Guts of a Dartboard Made of?

In the above gif you can see that the face material of a dartboard looks a whole lot like horsehair. And plenty of people will insist that high-quality dartboards are made with horse or camel hair, but it simply isn’t true. What’s really in a dartboard is called sisal, and it’s more closely related to tequila than the…

How a Digital Projector Produces Trillions of Colors Without Catching on Fire

Some digital projectors can produce 281 trillion shades of color. That’s approximately 40 thousands colors for each and every person on Earth. What makes them work is theoretically simple, but the technological feat requires extreme precision in practice.

So What's Going On Inside an Etch A Sketch?

Unless being covered in impossible-to-clean metal shavings is your idea of a good time, leave this experiment to the professionals.

What's Inside a Yo-Yo That Keeps It Spinning?

Even the most basic yo-yo tricks depend on the toy’s ability to keep on spinning. But why does it spin so fast for so long?

What's Inside a Golf Ball What's Inside a Golf Ball

If you've been paying attention, you know that insides of golf balls are unexpectedly beautiful—like psychedelic bullseyes or surreal alien planets. But what is all that colorful stuff made of ? As this video from Wired shows, golf ball is a serious piece of technology crammed into a mere 1.62 ounces.

What's inside a cup of coffee? What's inside a cup of coffee?

Coffee. It's amazing. It'll make you poop, and lower your risk of depression. But have you ever stopped to wonder what's actually inside your daily cup of joe?

Wrist Deep In the Mac Mini

I love hearing the hidden genealogy of some of our favorite products (HTC is making the Treo 670, Lenovo and IBM, etc.). The Mac Mini is no exception. PC Pro has dissected the motherboard and figured out that it was probably manufactured by Foxconn and that the Mini probably cost about $300 to build, not including…