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Synthetic Spider Silk Parkas, Walter Palmer At It Again: What's New Outside

The North Face is partnering with a Japanese company to make new parkas from synthetic spider silk. And everyone’s favorite Minnesota dentist is in trouble with the law again due to allegedly illegal hunting practices. It’s What’s New Outside.

Shark Attacks, 1,600-Foot Falls, 1 Million Coywolves Invade Northeast: What’s New Outside

America has a new predator, and it’s thriving in the northeast. Meanwhile, the outdoor economy is starting to throw its weight around in Washington DC (also home to coywolves) and an engineer has busted a popular survival myth with math. This is What’s New Outside.

Best New Bows, The Longterm Impact Of Frostbite, And Fracking In National Parks: What’s New Outside

Want to improve your ultralight water purification? Shopping for a new backpacking saw or hunting bow? What about a pair of hiking shoes? This is What’s New Outside.

How To Photograph Siberian Tigers, California Forests Dying, New Whale Species: What’s New Outside

Ever wonder how photographers capture epic, close up images of ultra-elusive tigers? It involves reading canned food labels. Meanwhile in California, our forests are going to die off. And theres first-ever shots of a new species of whale.

Underwater Avalanches, Intranasal Dilators, And Technical Outerwear That Looks Good: What’s New Outside

Scared of diving deep? Scared of cave-ins? Why not combine the two into one, happy fun time activity? Above the surface, technical outwear is getting a fashionable makeover and breathing air is getting easier. This is What’s New Outside.

Cheap Down Insulation, Sleeping Bags Explained, Lightest Bow Ever: What’s New Outside

Want to have a warmer winter? Now’s the time to save on down jackets and learn about cold weather sleeping bags. PSE just released the lightest compound bow ever and new watches from Suunto bring effective satellite navigation to your wrist. This is What’s New Outside.

Turtles Are Biofluorescent Now And Best New Mountain Bikes For 2016: What’s New Outside

Which ultralight backpacking quilt is right for you? Why are sea turtles glowing the dark? Which new mountain bike should you be saving up for? It’s What’s New Outside.

Record Snow Season Begins As Dead Emerge From Glaciers: What's New Outside

By now, everyone knows El Nino means record snow this year. And it’s already started in Montana, where some mountains just received 16 inches. In mid-September. That and more in What’s New Outside.

Everest Reopens, African Anti-Venom Almost Gone, Dating For Outdoors: What’s New Outside

Just six months after the tragic earthquake, a climber is attempting its summit. Africa’s most important snakebite treatment is about to run out. And, there’s now a dating app for dirtbags. This is what’s new outside.

Obama Runs Wild, REI Pulls A Poler, Hipster Miners In Trouble: What’s New Outside

President Obama is in Alaska this week. There, he plans to hike up a glacier, then shoot an episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls. That should be fun. Elsewhere, REI has discovered Instagram and LA’s own millennial miner is in legal trouble. This is What’s New Outside.

Faster Scouting, Sun-Purified Water Bottles, Make Your Own Bow: What’s New Outside

Still uncomfortable in a mummy bag? Worried you might be caught without the ability to disinfect water? Thinking about running with the bulls? Doing your first deer scouting? What’s New Outside has the answers for you.

Ultralight Knives, Convertible Tents And Working With Dogs: What’s New Outside Ultralight Knives, Convertible Tents And Working With Dogs: What’s New Outside

It’s the dog days of August, so you’ll want to read this ode to working dogs. And cool down by watching a couple of nut jobs climb an iceberg. And check out the innovations in this new line of ultralight climbing knives. Here’s what’s new outside.

Lefties Go Roadie, Wolves In California Inevitable: What’s New Outside Lefties Go Roadie, Wolves In California Inevitable: What’s New Outside

High-End camping gear maker Nemo promises to make sleeping outside more comfortable than ever. Cannondale is releasing a road bike fitted with a lightweight version of its “Lefty” front suspension and a second wolf has left Oregon for the sunny climes of California. Here’s what’s new outside.

Lion Developments, New Gear And Connected Climbing: What’s New Outside

We’re all upset that Cecil The Lion was killed, but the conversation is progressing beyond simple outrage. The biggest outdoor trade show is happening this week, so there’s tons of exciting new gear. And, climbing is getting high-tech research tools you can use from home. Here’s what’s new outside.

Fastest AT Ever, Soft Undies, No More Joshua Trees: What’s New Outside

A masochist just ran the entire 2,189 miles of the Appalachian Trail in just 46 days. Another one just did 50 Ironmans in 50 states in 50 consecutive days. For the rest of us, Patagonia’s got crazy-soft new base layers and MSR has a portable filter that’ll make clean water out of sewage.

New Stoves, Sleeping Pads And Kids With 600lb Fish: What’s New Outside

Jet Boil’s got a new stove you can actually cook real food on. Therm-A-Rest has a new air mattress that inflates in just seconds. A 9-year-old kid caught a 600lb sturgeon. Mt Fuji got WiFi all the way up. VW’s got a new camper van. Here’s what’s new outside this week.