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Thank you, Deadspin, Jalopnik, and Gizmodo sites and sub-blogs for all the unexpected (and possibly unintentional?) follows. I’ll try to keep every comment I post at least 3x~5x funnier than this one.

Aloha, Gawkerites.  Comment With Mahalo.

To those who’ve been kind enough to follow me via Gawker, thank you. I offer you the “goodbye” flavor of Aloha today. May your comment threads never go full Godwin.

Trump = Yungoos Is The Anti-Life Equation Trump = Yungoos Is The Anti-Life Equation

This is Yungoos. It’s one of the new pokes from Pokemon Sun/Moon for which Nintendo has released a preview. It’s also the new pokemon that the internet has decreed the Trump pokemon, for obvious reasons: