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The Fault in My Stars The Fault in My Stars

Kinja is messing with me again. It goes something like this:

I don't know how I feel

In April 2013, when kinja was still shiny and new, I used the personal blogging feature a whopping one time and wrote out how I felt about being grey. It was not super significant to me, and no one read it, which was okay. I wrote about my history of usernames over the various commenting platforms, the audition days…

It's no potato salad, but - It's no potato salad, but -

I'd like to draw your attention to a little crowdfunding project that someone I know is counting on, but all the most evocative and convincing stuff I could say about her would make it super easy to dox me. Just know that I do personally know that artist and I, anonymous internet commenter that you may have…

Oi, LizTaylorsEarrings Oi, LizTaylorsEarrings


Kinja weirdness: notifications +1 Kinja weirdness: notifications +1

For the past week or so I've noticed something funny about my notifications. I'll see a number 2, let's say, and then when I click the little circle it lists one person, by name, who starred my comment. Or I'll see a 4, and then when I expand the list it says "3 people recommended your post." (regrettably, I…

CanLit in school

Inspired by this postover on Crosstalk, I got to thinking about the Canadian books assigned through high school curriculums.

24 hour internet break

So my sister is a musician and has a show tonight, and therefore my tv-gang all agreed not to watch Game of Thrones (in fact we're all going to her show) until tomorrow when she can watch too. Which means no internet tonight or tomorrow, because spoilers will be impossible to avoid. Not like any spoiler could be…

What does it meeeeean? What does it meeeeean?

I see this gif a lot lately. I appreciate that it's fresh and new and a little dark, but it bothers me because I don't know what it's supposed to convey.

The Triplet Boyband spoke to me

On twitter. I'll admit that when I responded to the @Jezebel tweet about the Tx3 video response to last week's article, I was kinda thinking that it might get more eyes there, given that Lindy just re-upped (reframed? What's the appropriate kinja-speak for that?) the original article instead of putting up a new one,…


Do companies have to pay a premium to have their sponsored content reposted in the Best of Kinja roundup, you think?

Blame the Parents! Blame the Parents!

This morning I read a recap of that Lindsay show, skimmed a series of gifs from Justin Bieber's deposition, and read a heartfelt article about Adam Lanza's father. You probably did too. What stuck out to me, though, was a common thread in all the comment sections - that their parents had fucked up somehow - and I'm…

On being grey, now and probably in the future

I'm going to feel really weird if I get ungreyed status on Gawker before I get it on Jezebel.

this is just a test this is just a test

oh my god i posted a gif! first ever. phew.