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Late Night Music oPPo Late Night Music oPPo

It has been a really long time since I dropped beats on oPPo but I figured it was time to get back in it. I have been addicted with orchestra’s intertwined with pop culture. I think the next big music move will be involving orchestra’s in live performances of big bands. Orchestra’s add a tone of depth and overall tone…

Struggling with a Car Decision Struggling with a Car Decision

My family is expanding and my wife convinced me that it’s time to stop dragging my feet. Our second child is due any day. I have all our finance affairs in order and have a sizable amount I feel comfortable using on a car to keep my family safe. I really do not want to let go of my car that I’ve had loan free for over…

Pure Disappointment - Black Mirror - Netflix Pure Disappointment - Black Mirror - Netflix

My soul is dark and bleak. I don’t know what is wrong with me or what series of events has lead me down this path but it drives me to like really dark shows/movies. Black Mirror is one of my favorite and I was stoked for the interactive one that released today, Dec 28.

Justice Served Justice Served

Nice little Audi in the foreground while a package thieve gets what’s coming. 

Huge Crash Involving Sophia Floersh at Formula 3 Huge Crash Involving Sophia Floersh at Formula 3

Just to start, she seems to be ok in terms of spirits. She is heading into surgery due to a spinal fracture, but she is stable. The car went airborne in a horrific crash at Macau Grand Prix. Sophia crashed into Japanese driver Sho Tsuboi. He is okay two. Her car and debris hit two photographers which were taken to the…

Wait...These are real cars? Wait...These are real cars?

Yesterday ‘two e46' posted a Range Rover that looked like an oversized VW convertible. I honestly thought it was someones bastardized project car from someone with a sadistic sense of humor. I was dead WRONG. This abomination is a Range Rover Evoque Convertible. A real car that real humans buy.

Talk me off the ledge Talk me off the ledge

As I’ve mentioned in my past posts/comments, I can’t get the 328d out of my mind. I check probably daily because I’m a masochist and like to torment myself. Most the cars I find are in decent shape but above in price/mileage I’d like to pay. I’d say the majority of the 2015 328d’s have about 30-45k miles.

Do you have a financial limit before you buy a fun car? Do you have a financial limit before you buy a fun car?

A lot of individuals have different approaches to their cars and side piece cars that they buy. Personally, I’m still fine tuning my approach. I bought my daily used because I didn’t want to take a huge depreciation on a car that I’ll likely run in to the ground. I’ve recently been considering a new daily/fun car. I’m…

Major Code Brown

No idea how these two didn’t hit. I don’t think I’d be able to drive the remainder of the night.

I'm Dumb and You Should Shame Me (UPDATE) I'm Dumb and You Should Shame Me (UPDATE)

Update: clean oil fixed her. She isn’t acting up and I no longer have a christmas tree on my dashboard. I’ll be less of a dumb ass moving forward.....hopefully.

Probably a dumb idea Probably a dumb idea

A lady I know is selling her 2 mint 1973 VW bugs for sub $10k. The one car I really like, but she’s selling it as a duo. Seems like a great deal, but spending my money on two is probably a dumb idea.

Podcast Podcast

Morning oPPo. Happy Friday! For those of you who work M-F, you did it!

Farewell Musk

Elon has been officially charged. He will likely have to step down and I assume they are going to have to halt trading on TSLA because this stock is going to crater if he does. I hope the company can survive because I love what Tesla is doing for the market.

I honestly can't wrap my head around.. I honestly can't wrap my head around.. many oPPo’s whip out their phone and take pictures while driving. Honestly I thought we were all against reckless driving, but I guess I was wrong. I really enjoy the DOTS shots, but not when it comes at endangering others for no reason.

Drone Near Miss (FP) Drone Near Miss (FP)

I’m excited about the upcoming drones and the cheap but quality pictures we can get from them in the future. Easy accessibility has me worried, there are inevitably going to be noncomplying idiots, such as the one featured in the drone story on the front page. Rules are in place to make sure people don’t get hurt or…

In a parallel universe

Mustangs get hit by a car pulling out of a Cars & Coffee.

PSA If you're buying a Leaf in NJ

I know each state has it’s own awesome credit for ZEV’s and after researching NJ’s fame to claim is just a ‘tax-free transaction’. Womp Womp...

Shipping up to Boston this weekend Shipping up to Boston this weekend

I’ll be up there for a few days, but not for the protests. Any restaurant suggestions? I’m heading up with the family and figured I’d show them around the commons and the harbor. If I can get my parents to watch my son, maybe take the mrs to Sam Adams brewery.

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