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Making a Murderer...

Possible spoilers! Cover your ears!

The snow is coming to DC...

And my heating is out. For the sixth time this winter. Someone shoot me.

Free-range Uterus + Open Thread Free-range Uterus + Open Thread

I stopped taking my birth control pills at the end of my last pack since the bf and I broke up at the beginning of December and I don’t anticipate any non-solo sexy times any time soon. This is my first non-medicated period in a decade or so... and holy crap. First, it just sort of appeared out of nowhere. I mean, I…

Gift Exchange Success! Gift Exchange Success!

I came home from my company’s holiday party last night to a fantastic surprise!

Ugh, mom! WHY?!?!?! Ugh, mom! WHY?!?!?!

So, as I’ve posted about before around these parts, I’ve recently been through a break-up. I, of course, told my mother about this (the ex-bf and I had been together for two years, and so it was serious and he’d met my parents multiple times). And she turned around and told EVERYONE SHE KNOWS.

You learn something every day...

Unless you try really, really hard.

I'm a stupid.

Many, many of you had some wonderful, kind and helpful advice for me the other evening on the topic of my relationship. I know I didn’t reply to many comments I want you all to know how much a appreciate your time and support.

What do you do when it's not enough?

I’ve been with the bf for a while now, I guess about a year and nine months if I’m being exact, and he’s great. He’s thoughtful and intelligent. Funny and kind. He’s respectful and helpful to everyone he meets. His sunny disposition makes me want to be less snarky and judgey (I come from a snarky and judgey family,…

Can I just go back to the beach? Can I just go back to the beach?

I was at the beach all of last week and it was amazing! Here’s a picture!

PubMed Episode V: The MeSH Strikes Back PubMed Episode V: The MeSH Strikes Back

Do you even PubMed? I do. I do a lot.

I thought you guys light like.... I thought you guys light like....

this funny I found on Facebook! Have a good night GT!

Question for GT Knitters!

Hi there you knitters!


I just went to a dentists appointment that I made 6 months ago when I had my last cleaning (I took off work to go this morning) and it turns out they stopped taking my insurance! So they just cancelled my appointment! And no one called me! Hooray!

My Most Successful Post Ever!!!!

Yesterday I posted this inane poll regarding the Oxford comma. Little did I know that almost everyone on the internet has a strong opinion about this.

Inane Poll! Oxford comma edition

I loathe an Oxford comma. They are stupid and pointless and my boss puts them in our work every chance she gets. So tell me GT, how do you feel?

21 Day Fix: Day.... whatever

TW: weight stuff.

21 Day Fix, Day 2 (TW: weight, etc.)

Hi GT! I wanted to do a post about this, mostly as an exercise in tracking my progress, but thought perhaps some of you guys might be interested in a honest review of this product. I’ll update throughout the 21 days to let you know how things go.

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