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My baby left today. My baby left today.

I planted a little tree over her. I hope it lives forever. The last couple days were tough; she hadn’t eaten more than a nibble in three weeks or more. At full weight, she was like 11 lbs, at the end she was less than 5.5. She’s been with me most of my adult life. The head knew it was time, but the heart still has…

Ferrari Aliante Barchetta (personal project) Ferrari Aliante Barchetta (personal project)

The author of the project is Daniel Soriano, currently working as Concept Surface Designer at Volvo. He explains “Since most modern cars nowadays are souless machines with more similarities to an electrodomestic than to an actual car, I wanted to create an homage to the old school generations of super cars.

Wright Brothers National Monument Wright Brothers National Monument

Made it back here... last time was around 1982, and my great-grandfather was there. Gotta find the pic of him, looking at the plane. Imagine being 18, during WWI, and flying again in WWII.

Radness in the parking lot Radness in the parking lot

Owner walked up as I was about to take a pic. Greetings and salutations commenced.

Some of the week's waves Some of the week's waves

First time back on the Outer Banks since 1996. A few things have changed, a few things haven’t. I didn’t have much opportunity to use the camera the way I wish I could, but, hey.

Half11: not just renders anymore Half11: not just renders anymore

Oilstainlabs’ Half11 has moved from NURBS to metal.

For NKato, a bro-trucked Crown Vic For NKato, a bro-trucked Crown Vic

Chop the rear doors, give it a short bed, lights on the roof rack/roll bar, and some ridiculous mirrors with spotlights in em, hanging over the flared fenders, as requested.

7 Years ago, today 7 Years ago, today

Sitting on a turn-off viewpoint on the PCH.

Does Oppo still have an Instagram? Does Oppo still have an Instagram?

If not, should it? And who’d take it up? I think we used to, but memory’s getting hazy. Since I’ve been challenged to compete at the Detroit Sketchbattle, I’m also gonna post to the instagram, and... who knows.

What the Hell should a Hyundai look like? What the Hell should a Hyundai look like?

Honestly, I have no idea. @davesaddiction suggested a 4-door Hyundai N, M3 competitor... and I just don’t have any clue what a Hyundai should look like.

Slightly Svended i3, cloudy, windy morning Slightly Svended i3, cloudy, windy morning

Just some quick pics, very light edits, because I had an hour to do it and I need the practice on every front.

Semi-Svended this morning. Semi-Svended this morning.

Took the i3 and the girl’s CX5 out back for a thorough exterior washdown and wax before it got too hot, this AM.

Burning up the Surface Burning up the Surface

@punkgoose17 suggested a Suzuki Fronte. Another Giugiaro design to re-imagine, after the DeLorean. Sketching on the Surfacebook 2 is FANSTASTIC. But they really borked the display/base separation. The display gets super hot, and I bet it’s cooking the base.

Last DeLorean for now Last DeLorean for now

Apparently my sketches are horrible, and I’m 13, according to Boss302fan.

Continuing the DeLorean theme Continuing the DeLorean theme

Couple different directions for a new DeLorean.

First quick sketches of a new DeLorean First quick sketches of a new DeLorean

Nick has an Exocet suggested a new DeLorean. Sigh. So I’ve done a couple sketches when I have moments. Haven’t tackled what it looks like at the back, yet. Kinda looking at a 1980s X New Ford GT thing. So it’ll mean a lot of empty space at the back, but I think it needs big swaths of stainless, and carbon bits exposed.

Mouse suggestions: updated Mouse suggestions: updated

Quick sketchbook doodle for your time and input.

A Volvo shooting brake A Volvo shooting brake

@gettingoldercarguy suggested a Volvo shooting brake.

Last SAAB Miata for today. Last SAAB Miata for today.

Half rendering, half design. Mostly continuing the direction I was going with it, but I still think a big amount of surface development would help it be more SAAB. But more real-world thought about surfaces and buildable details on this last one. It shouldn’t have the hard line on the rear, really. I haven’t rendered…

SAAB Miata #2 SAAB Miata #2

First sketch, for ref:

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