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Should I unfollow Tracee Ellis Ross

Because she posted a photo of Evan Ross? I dont need that on my timeline. Plz advise. 

I am mad at this

Kinja is being odd so I dont know if the link works. But its the NYT article about 30-somethings and their financial dependence on their parents. The millenials in this article drive me up the wall. A third child? $50k cash gift? Who are you people? Listen I too have student loans but this article is insane. I do not…

Someone get your Uncle Bernie

Take him home, he’s out here running for President again like we asked for this. 

Fyre Festival


I am going to the B2K Reunion tour

And im not joking because I had an entire wall dedicated to J-Boog. I will bring out my House of Dereon for this. 

Michelle Obama

Tonight! Cant wait to see Mom. 

Look at this mac and cheese

Hokes taught me all about mac and cheese. Whatever these things are.....aint it

Monica Lewinsky for Vanity Fair

Drop your thoughts below!

Can someone explain Anne Hathaway?

We watched Ocean’s 8. Why is Anne Hathaway super famous? In terms of mediocrity I like Dakota Johnson better. I have hated Anne since she ruined Mia Thermopolis.


All I know is that I will be eyeing every white woman like dont yall bitches try that shit this time


The world is on fire so come read these comments with me


I hate all the takes about her. 

McDonald’s and Filipinos

Yall clowned me but i am telling you that we love McDonald’s so much that we pull shit like this:

In N Out is GROSS

This has been a PSA. 

I need to admit something

i think adam sandler is attractive.

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